PI at Stonehenge 8/6/2016

PI in Fall of 2015

PI at Cold Spring Harbor Retrovirology meeting 06/2011

PI relaxing at Letchworth Park 10/2010

PI and family seeking balance at Niagara 08/2010
(Owen, Sam, Hanna, Jenny and PI)

Time spent as a writer

Time at the bench

Summer vacation at Lake George NY Summer 2009

The Smith family athletes Summer 2008

Letchworth Park, NY Fall 2007

Skiing at Whistler Vancouver Canada
March 2007 HIV Keystone meeting

Rochester bistro PI with Yi-Tao Yu and Henri Grosjean

Canada meeting '03 PI and Joseph Wedekind

In the lab October 2002

Every weekend in the Winter

Letchworth park 1981
PI as a graduate student at SUNY at Buffalo